5 Ways To Turn-off Potential Buyers

With the ease of access to the Internet, potential buyers look at a home online first before they set foot into a home. Buyers make judgments of homes immediately and if your images are not so great, it can slim down your chances of selling. If you are planning to put your home on the market, here are a few recommendations before you take pictures and open your doors to buyers. [...]

Ask This Before You Buy A NEW Home

According to the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development production of single-family homes is estimated to reach 840,000 units in 2016, that is an 18% increase since 2015. So if you are in the market for a brand new home then you have plenty of options, unfortunately new residential construction is coming to a steeper price. [...]

Should I Invest In Real Estate Locally Or Out-Of-State

You will hear many opinions from investors suggesting that it is much better to invest in your local area but at the same time you will hear others say to invest somewhere else because there is more opportunity somewhere else. Some have made great return on investing in a specific niche while others have hard a difficult time keeping their heads above water. So who is right? [...]

Inflation & Appreciation

When most people think of building wealth and accumulating money for their future, they think about putting money in their savings account and adding to their 401ks. These methods are good but will not get you very far because of inflation and will take a very long time. Here is a bit more on inflation, appreciation and how real estate can help bring in more return for your investment. [...]

Don’t Overpay For Your Investment Property!

As an investor, the most important skill to have is knowing how to accurately evaluate a property. Buying low and selling high is the only way to profit and keep the business going. 9 out of 10 times you will come across sellers that ask for much more than what their property is really worth. But since you are not, and should not, buy for retail price then it is crucial that you understand why you are offering a certain price and be able to back up your claim with numbers and proof. [...]

Should I Buy A Personal Home or An Investment Home?

One of the most common questions I hear people ask in real estate is, “Should I buy a new house for myself or should I go out and find an investment property?” The answer to this usually depends on your end goals that you have set, but I will say that most of the time only one side has the greater potential for financial returns [...]

What To Know Before You Flip A House

There are important steps you should always do before, during and after you flip a property. Surprisingly, many investors fail to follow these steps, especially if they are just starting out in the profession. [...]

Sell Your Home Faster

While selling a home may be difficult, especially in slow or declining market conditions, there are some tactics that can be used to speed up the process. Certain strategies can be used in the selling process to catch more attention from potential buyers and get more offers. So let’s dive into some tactics! [...]

Screen Your Tenants!

As a homeowner or an investor, owning rental property is a great idea and a way to gain extra income. It is a great cash flow vehicle and you should always take the opportunity if presented. But be weary of the tenants you let rent your property and make sure you have a thorough screening. [...]

Stock Market or Real Estate

Real estate and stocks are both great investments, they are able to generate a person wealth over a short or long period of time while maintaining the freedom to decide what to invest in. But of course it comes with its advantages and disadvantages, but there are some concrete reasons for favoring real estate over stocks as a primary investment channel. [...]

Are You Ready To Sell Your Home?

Selling a home isn’t like selling your car; there are major emotional considerations that are always going to be involved as well as financial considerations. Here are a few comments to help you know if you are 100% committed to selling your home. [...]

Consider This When Pricing Your Homes

Finding the cost of a home varies from every home to home even when they are on the same block. The way a realtor prices a home is by looking at the recent sales or active listings of similar homes in the area, once the information is gathered it becomes easier to establish its value. But as an owner you will also have your opinion, so here are a few things to consider. [...]

Be A Good Landlord

Being a landlord takes on many responsibilities besides picking up a check at the end of the month. There are many legal responsibilities that are taken on during this process that can come to hurt you down the road to come. However, there are some things that can be looked at that can save you money and legal trouble. [...]

Watch Out For Misconceptions!

There are many misconceptions about real estate that keep people from selling their home or even buying a home. When you hear a statement about real estate being said by someone that does not have much experience in the field, be careful and always do more research before you come to a conclusion. [...]

Market Cycles In Real Estate

Knowing where the real estate market is headed is almost nearly impossible to predict correctly. Not to say that the real estate market in completely unpredictable, we can still analyze the past and make educated predictions about the future. [...]

Making Sure You Profit

Rentals, fix and flips and wholesaling are great ways to make significant amount of money. But many times new investors and even experienced ones stumble on a property and fall short from making a significant profit and even loose money. Here is a way to make sure you don't loose your investments. [...]

Your Vacant Home Is Burning Your Money

Here in Houston 1 out of 10 homes are considered to be vacant according to Realtytrac.com and it is a big money loss for the owners. Do something with the home or it will burn your pockets. [...]

How To Finance My Investment Fast

If you ever happen to run into a property that could use some upgrades/remodeling and can turn it quickly at huge profits, then you should get started on it right away! The only problem is that you might not have all the money or be able to get a standard mortgage to purchase the home and the remodeling costs. But that is OK, this is where a Hard Money Lender can come in handy [...]

Plan to Remodel Your Home Soon?

Before selling your home more than likely you will have to do some minor fixes around the home. It can be simple, but sometimes you will have to do MAJOR renovations on your home, especially if it’s at least 20 years old, and that will require much more planning. [...]

Buy & Hold Real Estate

There are cycles that occur in the real estate market that dictate methods and strategies that are very useful for growing wealth through real estate ownership. The strategy of buy and hold can be a significant game changer to your income and your investment career. [...]

Why You Must Work With An Agent Buyer

Will you be seeking for your dream home any time soon or in the near future? I am sure you will ask yourself, “Should I get a buyers agent to help me?” As a smart homebuyer, your answer should always be YES! [...]

4 Bad Home Improvement Habits

Often times as a homeowner you will want a new look or feel to your home. This will cause you to make a few cosmetic changes to your home, but be careful, if they are done wrong you might just be harming the homes aesthetic look and even its value. [...]

Benefits of Owning Rental Properties

The power of owning real estate rentals is worth more than any other investment. The top three benefits of owning rental properties is cash flow or rate of return, appreciation, and using other people’s money (OPM) to purchase these properties. [...]

Understanding 1031 Exchange for Investors

I am sure you would like to sell your rental property at some point but have thought about the amount of taxes you will pay on that gain. But don’t worry, there is a method that allows any investors to defer paying any property taxes on the property when it is sold and allowing those gains to be used on the next property purchase. It is called the 1031 exchange and it can completely change the way you do business, help you save on taxes and build more wealth for you. [...]

8 Steps to Getting Top Dollar for Your Home

Prepare your home to put on market is important to your success. If you pay some attention and take the time to make some cosmetic changes, you could net more money at closing. The following simple steps will help you getting top dollar for your home. [...]